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Great customer, thank you!

Trent Lancaster

3/11/24 - 8:30 AM

Recently purchased a car from Carolina auto connection. Joe Cahan owner was excellent to work with. Responsive, informed, accountable, personable, very helpful in the process.

Patrick's "Toast of the Tow Car"!

We bought a 2003 Town Car from Joe about a month ago. The price was fair and Joe is a no pressure salesman. He stayed late to make sure we were taken care of. The car has been great other than just a couple minor issues that come with a 20 year old car. If the opportunity arises, we will buy from him again.

Five star all the way.

Thanks Micha

***** 2 days ago

Such a great Auto Place to buy and finance a used car. The guy was very nice and very helpful with my last purchase. I definitely recommend you going here!

A successful journey for old Betty!

These guys are the absolute best! Many many thanks to Joe, Sandy, and their mechanic for making my dream come true! Joe is the most honest and kind person I've ever dealt with in any business transaction, and Sandy is so nice and thoughtful and they both went above and beyond! They fixed and replaced things on this 45 year old truck that I would've never expected anyone to do just to make sure it would make the 500+ mile trip back to PA. And it did! With 0 issues! And they didn't charge me extra at all, believe me I offered πŸ˜‚. So again, many thanks to Joe, Sandy, and their mechanic!! All the nay sayers here have no idea what they're talking about, don't listen to them, listen to us with the positive reviews! Those positive reviews are the exact things you'll find if you give them a call for your next ride. I know they'll be first on my list next time I'm looking! Thanks guys, Betty is home now 😊

Thank you Mr. Phillips

My experience here was a very smooth and easy process! Would definitely recommend buying a car here!

The little dealer, with the BIG heart!

JR Rodriguez


Thanks Joe C for all you do. You've made my vehicle buying experience fair and simple. Your not only knowledgeable about the vehicles on your lot. You've made sure my buying experience had went smoothly and the purchase price was fair. You also went beyond the call of duty when I needed help to re-sell the vehicle I had purchase. Because I could no longer keep my job due to my terrible cancer illness returning. So I now had a loss of income. But your kindness and willingness to step up to the plate to help me. Shows your a genuine kind and honorable man. If anyone needs a vehicle, see Joe C. @ Carolina Auto Connection. He has a good inventory and will make sure your happy with your purchase and buying experience. It's simple and he make it easy. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your a kind and caring soul. May God bless you and those with you at Carolina Auto Connection. Be safe my new friend and may you have a prosperous and Happy New Year. JR

Thanks Bax!

I just bought a 2007 Toyota Tacoma from Joe and the truck was as advertised... GREAT . Joe made the process very quick and easy. His integrity and professionalism is second to none. If I were to buy another automobile it would most definitely be from him. I found him to be quite trustworthy.

Lovin' the Tundra! Who wouldn't?

Oh we both love the tundra! Our neighbors keep stopping by our house to see
it and Tee is eating it up. He thought about lifting it, but I’m already so
short so I don’t know if that will happen right away πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚. We will most
likely put a grille on it too, just for extra protection. I will definitely
send in some pictures if we do add anything on!
On Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dani loves us and her Scion

One of the absolute best used car purchasing experiences you can ask for. Joe Was up front, honest, and extremely helpful though the whole purchasing experience. He even made added a few extras for me with out my asking due to the minor inconvenience of the weather and him not being able to clean the car. I could not be happier! 10/10

It was a pleasure helping you Theresa

Hi Joe,

Check out the photos of the new look. Thanks again for all your help and the great experience! I will leave a review today. 


We try hard to help everyone...

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your help even though I
didn't make a purchase from you. It was a good experience and gave me the
confidence to continue my search and not give up.

Just a little note. If I had gotten approved for more, I definitely would
have taken that 4Runner off your hands...kids vehicle or not 😁. I love to
wheel and it would have served my other needs as well. Wishing you much
success and have a Merry Christmas amd a Happy New Year.


Thanks for the praise Baxter!

I just bought a 2007 Toyota Tacoma from Joe and the truck was as advertised... GREAT . Joe made the process very quick and easy. His integrity and professionalism is second to none. If I were to buy another automobile it would most definitely be from him. I found him to be quite trustworthy.

I am very happy with it. Additionally, doing business with you was a joy . Your honesty and integrity was refreshing.I truly appreciate it. You were very helpful throughout the process, which you got finished quickly. Also , I will Let you know when I receive the headlight covers.How do I do a review for you? I am more than happy to do so.Best wishes to and your family for the holidays.Take care.


My new Costa Rica friends

We just purchased a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner
This truck is like new. Looks and performs as advertised. Joe Cahan is very helpful and courteous.

Thanks Richard

You're a prince Charles

Charles Carden

12/22/19 - 1:35 PM

Looked all over the internet for Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Carolina Auto Connection had just what I was looking for, super clean very nice sport trac at the right price. Joe was very nice to deal with, I give Carolina Auto Connection a 5 star rating.

I had a great experience. By Rusty from Cowpens

I was looking for a used car and lucky I found it at Carolina Auto Conn. Joe was great and was very knowledgeable about the car.


Rating from Rusty 


Overall: 4

Customer Service: 5 out of 5

Buying Process: 4 out of 5

Quality of Repair: N/A

Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5

Supper Siena

We bought a Toyota Sienna and had a great experience. Good vehicle at a fair price, and the customer service was excellent - Joe went above and beyond with every request we had!

You're the man Shawn!

It is refreshing to do business with someone who is honest and straight forward from start to finish. This dealer goes beyond the call to take care of his customers.

5 stars!


Terrific Taurus

Ended up buying here again kind of by accident.  I was searching for a good deal online and found the same dealer.  Not in my city but seems to have treated me right.

Rating from DLC

Overall: 4 out of 5

Customer Service: 4 out of 5

Buying Process: 4 out of 5

Quality of Repair: N/A

Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5

Our Customers Come From ALL Over

Had a great experience buying long distance

I had been searching for a Mini Cooper Convertible with very specific criteria (low miles, heated seats, color) for a couple of months. This one came up an Carolina Auto and we talked to the owner about the condition of the vehicle and bought it sight unseen! After spending hours trying to get a shipping company to ship it half-way across the country, I ended up flying out last minute from Colorado with my husband to pick it up and drive it home. They were very accommodating, they had to re-do all the paper work as they had mailed it to us. They even had it cleaned again and everything double checked for the long drive. The car drove perfectly and we are very happy with our purchase and the customer service we received.

98 Town Car

overall respectable salesmen,owner even better

By stephan smith from fountain inn,south carolina | January 15, 2015

purchaased a 1998 lincoln town-car,excellant condition,they didn't hesitate to try and resolve small problem with the car.was not mis-led about anything,even got a car-fax report that was informative and on the money

Rating from stephan smith

Overall: 5

Customer Service: 5 out of 5

Buying Process: 5 out of 5

Quality of Repair: 3 out of 5

Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5


Fantastic experience.  They stand behind the vehicle they sell and will work with you to make sure everything is right.  I have a car that looks great and runs good too...LOVE IT!! Joe and Tim make the transaction easy and I know that my next car will come from them too!!

Great Van, Great price!

We recently bought a minivan for our daughter from Joe at Carolina Auto Connection. This was the BEST experience we've ever had.....since buying a used car usually ranks up there with getting a root canal!!  Haha.

Joe is a professional who really ensures that the  vehicles he sells meet a 61 point inspection, are fully operational and is serious about customer satisfaction.  

I highly recommend checking out his inventory.

No price gouging.  His rates are competitive with Kelly BB and Edmunds.

Debbie's Jaguar

I purchased a car with low mileage and in excellent condition from Carolina Auto Connection in November 2014.  A sensor light came on in the car after I bought the car.   Joe Cahan, owner of Carolina Auto Connection said he would fix the car, to give him time to find the problem and repair it.  He even furnished me a car to drive for a couple of days.  The problem was found and repaired.  I want to express how grateful and how impressed I was that the dealer Joe Cahan kept his word and repaired vehicle has he promised.

I recommend Carolina Connection to everyone who is looking for a dealer who stands behind the vehicles he sells.  He has a great staff at his dealership.

I am a satisfied customer.  I love my Jaguar.


Debbie C.

Spartanburg, S.C.

Scion Satisfaction!

I recently purchased a 2006 Scion XB at Carolina Auto Connection. The entire processes was so easy and the sales associates were very helpful. I lucked out finding a car there because not only was the service great, but the car was also very affordable. I dragged my mom all the way from Atlanta to look it over and test drive.  It was exactly as promised so we bought it! Now that I have been driving my car for a while I have yet to see a problem with it. I didn’t even know how to drive a stick shift when I bought it!! I am very satisfied with my Carolina Auto Connection experience and would recommend them to anyone.
Thanks again, Grier

Kind words, from a kind man. Thank you!

I read the reviews before visiting the lot. I also did lots of shopping on the internet before deciding to visit despite the reviews. I am SO GLAD I didn't listen to a few disgruntled idiots.1st, I was looking for USED car, not new. I certainly understand the difference. Fact is Joe apparently does his research and prices is vehicles BELOW most of the competition in that market. I came down from NC and was met with nothing but cordiality. For anyone to claim unprofessionalism...well, maybe they need to look at their own disposition.I had a great buying experience, very little paperwork (nothing unnecessary), and I now have a perfect used car! that gives me NO trouble.I don't know what "issues" those reviewers showed up with, but I found Joe to be upfront about my vehicle, his role in putting me in it, and that it was sold AS IS after a thorough 60 some-odd point inspection. I guess only complain when things don't go their way...but I am writing this to let all you prospective drivers NOT to be discouraged by a few dummies. I was 100% happy with my experience!

Lydia's Super Saturn 12/12

Lydia's Super Saturn...

My car is still going strong - Bought at C.A.C.
By Lydia from Greenville, SC | December 16, 2012

I was searching online for a good "daily driver" and saw one of their cars posted on Craigslist. It was priced below book value, so I was skeptical and didn't want to get my hopes up. But, I went to their lot and took a test drive and knew it was the right car for me. This was 7 months ago, and my car is still going strong and looking great. No, they didn't negotiate on the price, but I'm not a big negotiator anyway and the price was right to begin with, in my opinion. Overall I'm really happy that I found Carolina Auto Connection and decided to give them a chance. I'd trust them again and I recommend them often.

The Mercedes Lawyer 12/18

The Mercedes Lawyer...

Just wanted to say Thanks to JD and Joe.  You were very patient with me and I absolutely love my new car!!  Thanks again for all your help!

Sandy's "Lovin her Lexus" 9/12

Sandy's "Lovin her Lexus"...

I am very happy with my purchase at Carolina Auto Connection.
I bought a car that I was not happy with and Joe let me trade it! That's something not just any car dealer would do. I am now happy to say, I am in love with my Lexus and wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle! Thanks again for everything you did for me and thanks to JD for getting me in an A+ ride at a great price.

Very Satisfied,

Sawyer hit a home run with his Audi 9/12

Sawyer hit a home run with his Audi....

Hey Joe,
  I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks for taking such good care of us on Sawyer’s Audi.  He absolutely loves the car… and the way you guys handled  fixing the little quirks that popped up after we bought it showed great care for your customers and products…it meant a lot that you looked out for us.  You don’t see that too often any more, so thanks. Hope to see you soon at the restaurant…and I haven’t forgotten that you want some rice on the menu!!


Steve Jackson

Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Follow us on Twitter:  @Copper_River

Dean was spiritually lifted in Sedona.

Dean was spiritually lifted in Sedona...

Many thanks to you and J.D. for going above and beyond my expectations! Your website is top-notch. With honest descriptions and lots of photos it's easy to find what you're looking for but the real test is seeing and driving that vehicle. The vehicle I liked online totally lived up to your claims and I couldn't be happier. You even solved my logistical headaches and I got a nice vehicle at a nice price. Your friendly service and genuine customer care surprised me, and that quality really sets your dealership apart. I would not hesitate to buy from you again. Please count me as a loyal customer and you can be sure I will be recommending Carolina Auto Connection to anyone who asks.
Thanks again.
(2004 Kia Sedona)

German connection

All the way from Germany just for us! :)

Coming all the way from Germany....

......to purchase a vehicle at Carolina Auto Connection was definitely worth the trip.

I came to South Carolina for a one-year work project and was searching online for a nice car. Comparing offers from various car dealers, I decided to go to Carolina Auto Connection to see and test drive a Ford Mustang GT. It is a thrilling experience driving this car and it offers great value for the money.

J.D. and Joe: Many thanks for your professional service, customer care and patience, especially in handling payment arrangement. I really appreciate your kindness and support in helping me find a beautiful and reliable car. I recommend you to anyone who asks and I would buy another car from you anytime.

Anna - a very happy and satisfied customer ;-)

Erica's Happy with her Hybrid

Erica's happy with her Hybrid....    

Thank you so much for taking care of me in finding me a economical, reliable and safe car. I LOVE IT! I will always trust Carolina Auto Connection for all of my vehicle purchases and service. So looking forward to driving my "like new" car.
Thanks again, Erica

God bless you & yours Mary 11/12

God bless you & yours Mary....

Thank you so much for paying half of the repairs on my daughters car. I find that refreshing and I appreciate it.  By the way, she loves the car. Thanks again and I would buy another car from you. God bless you and your business.

Karen loves her "Big Truck"!

Karen loves her "Big Truck"!...


I've enjoyed driving the truck and have had many compliments. I have given your name  to a number of people interested.

Thanks again,


Kudos for the Kia

Kudos for the Kia!...

We want to thank you for a wonderful van. I have no complaints. We are getting used to all the "gadgetry" in the vehicle and over all people are impressed with the price we paid for the well working vehicle. Thank you so much. We hope to be driving our KIA for a long time.

Erin and Jason

Steve & Stephanie

Carolina Auto Connection, great place for low priced cars.

My husband and I saw one of Carolina Auto Connections ads for a car we were interested in on the internet. We called inquiring about it, the person who answered was very professional and informative. We went to look at the car, it was exactly as described in the ad and on the phone at a great price. We decided to buy it, the whole process took no more than 15 minutes. We have had the car for just over 6 months now and absolutely love it. We recommend CAC to everyone we know. Great job guys! Thanks again, Stephanie

Randy 7/22/11

Randy loves his Road Master!....

Thanks Joe for the great deal on my Buick Road Master. I just love it! It runs great for a car of its age.(1996) Keep up the good work. It was worth the drive from Charlotte.
Regards Randy

John found sunshine on a rainy day!

John found sunshine on a rainy day.....

Good Morning - I wanted to thank you both for your patience and honesty with regards to my vehicle purchase ( the 1998 Cadillac ). I was very impressed with how far you were willing to go to sell a vehicle in the pouring rain.
Thanks again,

Cabrio to go! Another satisfied customer.

Cabrio to go for Susan!...

I'm so glad I gave Carolina Auto a chance. I drove up from Greenville and Joe was so helpful in finding me a car that is fuel efficient and stylish. My car is clean and runs great!
I love it!

Cindy 7/27/10

Another satisfied customer....

Hi, my name is Cindy I bought a '98 Taurus in February I am very happy with the car it runs great sounds great if u want a great car for a low price u have found ur place

Leeanne 6/15/10

Leeanne loves her Mustang GT...

My husband and I bought a Mustang GT from Carolina Auto Connection in February. It had a little damage but came with the replacement parts included in the price of the car. We have had great service out of it for the past 4 months. We recommend this dealer to all who ask for a great, honest place to get a "pre-owned" vehicle
at a fair price.  

Thank you.

Dave 4/21/10

Dave's Happy With His Volvo Purchased at Carolina Auto Connection!

"My wife and I just purchased a Volvo wagon from Joe, and he's an aberration: An honest, concerned gentleman!!! We highly recommend checking him, and his autos, first for your transportation needs"

-Dave, DKL Recording

...More to Come!